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Debendra Manandhar 'Baradesh"


Awakening to Higher You

Our life is NOT only about struggling for day to day survival. Our life is not only about physical and material level of experiences.

Do you feel you have higher vision and purpose for your life? and, do you want to discover your higher vision, mission and purpose for your life?

"Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you."

# Remember Who You Are

# Know your highest vision, mission and purpose of your life

# Experience non-physical aspect of life

# Vibrate Higher

# One-ness 

# Activate your heart-center - living from heart

# Allow it to happen 

# Live life in flow

# Live an abundant life

Awakening To Higher You

Dimensional Change

Dimensions are level of consciousness that vibrate at a certain frequency. Each dimension vibrates at a higher frequency than the one below. In each higher dimension, there is a broader perspective of reality, a higher level of wisdom. We experience more freedom, more power and more opportunity to create reality.

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