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“तपाईले साच्चै बांच्न चाहनु भएको जीवन:
एऊटा फरक जीवन, एऊटा उत्कृष्ट जीवन”



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चैत्र 26 गते शनिवार, 2078  

9 - 5 天

2022 年 4 月 9 日

上午 9 点至下午 5 点





All the beautiful ones

Who have been seeking,

Who have been on the quest,

To live a life very different from now

More fulfilling, more aligned, more vibrant yet more in Flow,

It is time

To go beyond

The collective stories and collective consciousness

Of fear, of struggling for survival, of lack, of separation.

To do so,

It is time to slow down and to be still,

To look within,

To listen to inner voice,

To connect with the 'higher you'.

Who we are is not only what we are now,

There is a 'higher you'

And we all been longing to connect with it and to live our life by it.

Connect with Your "Higher You"!!!

Our life is not only about struggling for day to day survival, 

our life is more than physical and material level of experiences,

Do you feel you have higher mission and purpose in your life?

And, do you want to discover the highest Mission and Purpose of your life?

Register NOW 
for the Online Session

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"Every next level of your life will demand a different version of yourself."





提升自己- 你将自己提升到一个新的水平,并为你创造一个新的现实


活在Flow中- 过着幸福、快乐和幸福的生活

一体性- 一切和每个人都是相连的

用心生活 - 过着充满爱心和同情心的生活


When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you, a joy."

                                      - Rumi

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