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We are attracting

Notice we exist at an exciting and powerful point in time. At the deepest level of our consciousness, a radical shift is occurring. We are being challenged to let go of our current way of life so as to create & focus attention on a new one.

One view is old energies and structures are dying and new reality is emerging. The old world was based on an external focus and ego-driven desires. The new reality arises as we connect to inner spiritual awareness, open to the power and energy flow of the universe working through us.

We can create our own experience of reality and take responsibility for this. Change happens within each of us, yet the more of us shift focus inward, the more collective consciousness is affected and the more people are no longer controlled by the unreal.

Imagine that each instance we inhale, we are breathing in life energy, the life force of the universe.

Imagine a new way of life opening up, filling us with aliveness, vitality and energy.

Feel what it is to be a cosmic pipe organ. The same creative energy and inspiration flows through each of us.

Our body and personality offer a unique direction of energy. A strong body/ personality is not created by following anyone's rules or ideas of what is best for us. It is created by trusting our intuition and allowing ourselves to be guided by its direction.

The more conscious we are of this process, the easier we can recognize what it feels like to follow the flow and allow more power to move through us. As we strengthen our commitment to trusting ourselves, everything in our lives transforms.

Change may initially seem scary but come what may, we always attract people, conditions that reflect our evolving consciousness.

~ Liara Covert

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