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Transformational Learning to live the life you really want to live

Living the life you REALLY want to live Is Possible

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We are Beings of Light.


We are here with a higher purpose.

We are not here only to struggle for survival.


welcome to our page,

Living In The Lights is a space to learn, practice and Experience the Lights that we all have Within.

We do Training, Workshops - Live and Online.

We offer Transformational Coaching,

We organize Transformational Retreats.

Yoga at Home

Training and Workshops

Transformational Learning

Our programs are to help you to be able to live the life you really want to live!

Come and join our Live, as well as Online Training and Workshops.


We do training and Workshops to help you grow in different areas of your life:

  • Personal growth and Conscious Living

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Conscious Businesses and Profession

  • Inner Peace

We help you to Know Yourself, to Discover Who You Are, and to Be Real You and to Live the Life You Really want to live!!!

Our training is experiential, and our approaches are transformational, holistic and integrative.

We help you to make breakthroughs and to be the best version of yourself!

Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

We provide Transformational Coaching and Mentoring to help you make Breakthroughs in your Life -  

at Personal, Family, Professional and Businesses.

For transformative breakthrough and shifts within yourself that will bring powerful shifts in your outside world too.

Come and join Us  for Transformational and Breakthrough Life Coaching and Business and Professional Coaching, 1-to-1 Coaching as well as Group Coaching.


We organize Transformational Retreats

to help you connect with the deeper Core of yourself, sop that you can hear the Inner voices coming from your heart.

Presence! Grounding! Centering!
In this busy world today,
Being still and Silent, we can listen to our own inner voice!
Come and join Us.


Our Signature Programs

Yoga Practice

Personal Leadership Development

Lead Yourself First'

Knowing  Yourself is the key to live a happy and meaningful life.


Passion and Purpose

Live Life Fully

Know what sparks you:

Live your Passion and Purpose!

Live Your calling

Know what is your higher Calling and Purpose of your life,

and follow your heart


A Message from

Debendra Manandhar

Our Master Trainer and Coach

“Making this world a little better place”

Welcome and thank you for visiting here,

Life is a journey of continuous learning, discoveries, upgrading and evolving,

Life is beautiful when we are living in aligned with our higher purpose, and when we feel our life has meaning and importance,

This is my invitation to you to Know Yourself, to discover Who You Are and to Be Who You Really Are and to Live the Life You Really Want to Live,

Come, and join us in this beautiful journey of life,

We are here with you…………

We are here to walk with you to help you discover Who You Are, and then to live the life you truly want to live.
We all have Unlimited Potentials and Possibilities, and we all can make a difference in someone else life!!!

We all can do something to make this world a little better!!!

 Resetting Your Life

Living the life you truly want to live is possible!

You need to Re-set your life from Within!

Yoga at Home

Practice Of Stillness

Stillness is an Inner Sanctuary

It is in Silence and Stillness, that we can hear the voice coming from our heart.

Listen your Inner Voice and follow your heart!

Sat on the Rocks

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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Meditation by the Sea

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

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