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“Making this world a better place”

Namaste from Debendra Manandhar

Welcome, and thank you for visiting this site!

Life is a journey of continuous learning, discoveries, upgrading and evolving,

Life is beautiful when we are living in aligned with our higher purpose, and when we feel our life has meaning and importance,

This is my invitation to you to Know Yourself, to Discover Who You Are and to Be Who You Really Are and to Live the Life You Really Want to Live,

Come, and join with me in this beautiful journey of life,

I am here to walk with you to help you discover Who You Are, and then to live the life you truly want to live.

We all have Unlimited Potentials and Possibilities, and we all can make a difference in someone else life!!!

We all can do something to make this world a little better!!!

I am a Trainer, Coach, Mentor on Personal Growth and Transformational Leadership. I have been doing training and coaching for more than 25 years now.

I designed the much sought after Personal Leadership Development Workshop (The PLD Workshop), and I have been leading this workshop for more than 20 years now, in Nepal and in many other countries as well.

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About Debendra Manandhar

Debendra's Vision, Mission and Beliefs

His Vision

A world of true happiness and peace where everyone is living the life they truly want to live, and where everyone is able to bring out the inherent Unlimited potentials that they have within!

His Mission

Through transformational training and coaching, make a difference in people’s lives by helping them :

  • To discover who they are and to live the life they truly want to live,

  • To bring our their true uniqueness and true potentials,

His Beliefs

  • Everyone is unique!

  • Everyone has Unlimited Potentials and Possibilities!

  • Everyone can live the life they truly want to live!

  • Everyone can make a difference in someone else life!

  • Everyone can do it!

Journeying with Debendra

Beautiful Landscape

Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops to help people to discover Who They Truly Are and  help them to live the life they truly want to live!!!

Personal development and Growth, Transformational Leadership,

Human Consciousness

Coaching and Mentoring

Transformational Coaching and Mentoring to help people to make most Powerful Changes in their life - by making Inner Shifts and Inner Transformations.

Beautiful Landscape


Transformative Retreats to help people look Within and Re-connect with their Inner Core, to listen to their Inner Voice.

Transformational and Life-changing Training series

We are not here only to struggle for our day to day survival. Life is much more than that. We all have vision, we have purpose, we have dreams, we have hopes for our life. We all have unlimited potentials and possibilities.

Right now, we are not living to our fullest possibilities. It is by being conscious of our higher vision and higher purpose and the possibilities of what we can become, we upgrade ourselves and live to our fullest possibilities.

To live consciously, you have to Awake! Awake to who you truly are. You can begin the journey by knowing who you are, and then by Being Real You. It is absolutely possible to live the life you truly want to live.

For this, you need to be living consciously- continuously upgrading yourself, evolving to the next level all the time.

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The Game Changers: Living a Big Life – Making differences

Transformational Leadership

It is for changing and transforming our communities and societies so that we all can thrive, and can live happy, harmonious, and peacefully. For this, first of all the change process has to begin at personal level.

For this, we need conscious leaders with vision and commitment.


By transforming oneself, we collectively can transform communities and societies.

Be The Change You want to  See In The World!!!

For Conscious Business Owners and Professionals

You are here with higher Purpose! You have Mission, You have Passion! You have your Dreams and Hopes! Your Profession and Your businesses are expression of who you are and your Purpose and Your Mission! Live life fully, Live Big Life by touching lives and Impacting Life.

Leave Legacy – Make a Difference!!!

Success and Abundance are natural phenomenon, they are results of when you are living in align with universal principles and natural laws.

You live a life of Success and Abundance, and then help many other to live same!!!

How to Be your best? How to achieve the highest success? How to live abundant life?

Yoga at Home

Inner Peace

Inner Peace Within Brings Peace Everywhere!

We all want peace. And, Peace begins within! So, first of all we ourselves should be established be in peace. By being in peace, we create peace around us. by shifting ourselves, we are creating shifts around us. By healing ourselves, we are healing the world.

Practice of Presence – Mindfulness
Grounding and Centering
Stillness – Being Quiet and Still
Silence – Stillness – Solitude
Letting it go – no attachment, no expectation, no anticipation
Beyond Ego

Transformational Retreats

For making real and powerful changes in our life, only learning and knowing is not enough. We need to take time to experience our learning. For deeper experiences of our new learning, Retreats are very powerful ways. I do Retreats.



Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a powerful way to help participants to look within, and see their current reality that they are creating, and then find their own ways to move on to create their desired future. It is a very beautiful and powerful process.

Debendra offers One –to- One as well as Group coaching and mentoring

Life coaching: for those who are seeking to make big and powerful changes in their life.

Business/Professional Coaching: for those who are seeking to make big and powerful changes in their businesses and/or in their professions.

Debendra's Vision

A peaceful, happy, joyful, prosperous life for ALL.

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