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A Journey Of Self-Discovery
With Debendra Manandhar 'Baradesh'


Personal Leadership Development

The PLD Workshop


Personal Leadership Development Workshop: The PLD Workshop


Know Yourself,

Be who you truly are

Live your highest purpose

Living the life you really want is absolutely possible!!!

Personal Leadership Development (PLD) workshop is a Signature workshop of Debendra Manandhar. PLD is a Journey of Self-Discovery - to know Who You Are and What do you really want in life!

In the 3 days PLD workshop, Debendra takes you on a journey – an inner journey of Self- Discovery. You will discover by yourself Who You Really Are! And, you will also discover how to Be Who You Truly are, how to live the life you really want to live!

Main Topics:

  • "Who Am I?" 

  • What do you really want to Be and to Do in life?

  • Higher Vision and Purpose of your life

  • Living a meaningful life

  • Living a Limitless Life: Unlimited Potentials and Possibilities

  • Creating powerful and meaningful changes in your life and around you.

"Knowing Oneself Is the Beginning Of All Wisdom."

Know Yourself:

"Knowing Oneself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom."

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Everyone has Unlimited Potentials and Possibilities – how to live a Limitless life! Everything that you can imagine can be achieved too.


Think Positive and Be Positive! Attitude plays a very powerful role in our life. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are! Thus, "Change Your Lens!".  


The PLD Workshop

A Journey of Self-Discovery

with Debendra Manandhar 


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