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Practice Of Stillness

"Practice Of Stillness"

"स्थीरताको अभ्यास"

7 - Days Practice

July 4 -10, 2021

Audio Recordings

These Audio Recordings are ONLY for the Practitioners of Stillness Course.

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Day 2 July 5, 2021

Part 1

POS 7 Days Day 2 Part 1
00:00 / 30:00

Day 2 July 5, 2021

Part 2

POS 7 Days Day 2 Part 2
00:00 / 19:37


Practice Of Stillness


by Debendra Manandhar

In today's modern world, we been living fast-paced and busy life. We are always so busy, running and rushing all the time. We have no time to Pause, to take a break, and Reflect. We have no time to look Within, to be with ourselves.


What we need today is, time to Slow-down, time to Pause, so that we have time to Look-Within, to Reflect, to be with Ourselves.


I invite all of you to Practice 3 's' on daily basis: Silence, Solitude and Stillness.


- Spend everyday some time in Silence,

- Spend everyday some time in Solitude

- Spend everyday some time in Stillness.





For us, to be Still, is very necessary. It is like food for our inner core, Our deeper core.


We been following the voices coming from outer world so much, that we have no time to listen the voices coming from our deeper core, our heart.


Deep inside, we all know what is really important for us, what do we really want to do and to be in our life, and we all know our higher purpose of life.


In today's modern life, we been running and rushing all the time, we been living based on Fear - fear of so many things. One the biggest fear is about Survival, and Fear of Death.


May be we have many things - physically and materially. But, most of the people in the world today, are not happy within, living life feeling 'something is missing'. And, we don't know what is that we are missing, and we have no time to look within and reflect!


We are following what others are doing and how others are living. we are not asking ourselves - what is Really important for me? what do I REALLY want in my life? What gives me meaning and importance in my life?


Deep inside, we all want to live a life of Meaning and Purpose!.


So, it is very important for us - to come to back to ourselves, to Look within, to listen to our inner heart. and, follow the voices coming from our inner heart.


For this, I invite all of you to make changes in your Life-style, in your daily routines, and in your daily way of living and doing.


I invite you to make time for yourself, to spend time with yourself, in Silence, in Solitude and in Stillness.


It is in Stillness - that we can listen to the voices coming form our heart.

It is in Stillness, that we can see things clearly and we can think clearly.

it is in Stillness that we start to see and understand bigger picture of life - something higher and something bigger than Ourselves, beyond this run of rush of survival.


"It is time for us now, to live our higher purpose so we can upgrade our level of consciousness. It is from that deeper place that lies Within us, that we can totally live the life that we really want to live."

                              - Debendra Manandhar


"There is a place deep inside us, where everything is possible."








Balancing Rocks

Practice Of Stillness

Being Quiet and Being Still is very important for us on daily basis.

It is a way to come back and re-connect with ourselves.

It is way for us to  listen to our inner voices - voices coming from heart.

it is a way for us to create a strong and stable ground for us - so we can deal the life as it comes to us.

Grounding - Centering - Presence

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