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Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and Mentoring

with Debendra Manandhar

“Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world.”

                                              – Debendra Manandhar


Coaching is a powerful way to help participants to look within, and see their current reality that they are creating, and then help them find their own ways to move on to create their desired future. It is a very beautiful and powerful process.

 we provide  One –to- One as well as Group coaching, and my way is transformational coaching that will make Breakthroughs, creating powerful results.

Make transformative breakthroughs and shifts within yourself that will bring powerful shifts in your outside world too.


You are Limit-less,

There are no boundaries for you outside of you,

The only boundaries you have is within you,

Everything that you can imagine,

You can make them happen too!!!

Coaching is to help you look within, see clearly what you really want in your life, and see what are stopping you from being who you truly are! And,, then helping you to remove all those boundaries that you yourself have created!


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