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"Awakening to Higher You"
"तपाईले साच्चै बांच्न चाहनु भएको जीवन:
एऊटा फरक जीवन, एऊटा उत्कृष्ट जीवन"

A Zoom Class with

Debendra Manandhar


Introductory Workshop On

"Awakening to Higher You"


Our life is not only about struggling for day to day survival, 

our life is more than physical and material level of experiences,

Do you feel you have higher mission and purpose in your life?

And, do you want to discover the highest Mission and Purpose of your life?

"Every next level of your life will demand a different version of yourself."



Main topics:

Know yourself - Know your highest mission and purpose

Upgrade yourself - You move yourself to the next level and create a new reality for you

Vibrate higher - Everything is about energy and its vibrational level

Living life in Flow - Living a happy, joyful and blissful life

One-ness - Everything and everyone is connected

Living from heart - Living a loving and compassionate life

Living an abundant life - There is always enough and plenty.

This is Advance level Course.

Upcoming events:

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Awakening To Higher You - 3 Days Retreat:

To be announced SOON.

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