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About Us

We are Beings of Light.


We are here with a higher purpose.

We are not here only to struggle for survival.

Living In The Lights is a space to learn, practice and Experience the Lights that we all have Within.

We do Training, Workshops - Live and Online.

We offer Transformational Coaching,

We organize Transformational Retreats.

Debendra Manandhar is Our Master Trainer and Coach.

Our Master Trainer and Coach

Debendra Manandhar is our Master Trainer and Coach.

He is a Master Trainer, Coach, Mentor on Personal Growth and Transformational Leadership. He has been doing training and coaching for more than 25 years now. 


He is the Designer of the much sought after Personal Leadership Development Workshop (The PLD Workshop),


 He has been doing training, workshops and coaching for more than 20 years now, in Nepal and in many other countries as well.

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